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“My mission is to enable individuals to live from a place of conscious choice, free of the tyranny of old unconscious patterns. I coach my clients to create: profoundly satisfying lives aligned with their deepest truth and well-being; workplaces centered on humanity’s inherent creative, generous, and collaborative nature; and a sustainable world that works for everyone.”
–Rhonda Morton, Savannah Consulting

Success Stories

“By reframing the beliefs that are holding you back, it allows you to finally embrace who you are”

“Working with Rhonda absolutely changed my life. Rhonda is amazing at identifying limiting beliefs and cutting through the BS. By reframing the beliefs that are holding you back, it allows you to finally embrace who you are. The tools that Rhonda has given me to shift my thinking have also been invaluable. They are completely…
Christina Marie Noel portrait
Christina Marie Noel
Founder and CEO
Noel & Co.

“An amazing resource for leaders across all levels of any organization or team”

“Working with Rhonda Morton and Savannah Consulting is a truly different experience than I’ve ever had with a coach or consultant—she really understands the deep synergy essential for a highly successful team. Likewise, she has a great sense of the nuance of both explicit and implicit communication and uses the FEBI assessment to explain and…
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Brian Lee Whisenhunt
Executive Director
The Rockwell Museum

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