I Have a Dream

In Simon Sinek’s TED Talk, he posits that people don’t care WHAT you do, or HOW you do it, but rather WHY you do it. He points out that Martin Luther King Jr didn’t say, “I have a plan!” He said, “I have a dream!” 

It took vulnerability and courage to share such an outlandish vision of a non-racist world. And that outlandish dream inspired multitudes to change their beliefs, their thinking and their behaviors.

I decided to write my own “I have a dream” speech. I hope it inspires you to write yours.

I have a dream that one day everyone everywhere will live from a place of conscious choice, free of the tyranny of old unconscious patterns.

I have a dream that one day people will see a thousand-thousand ways to go in every unfolding moment.

I have a dream that one day people will measure success by whether they are creating a profoundly satisfying life aligned with their deepest truth and well-being.

I have a dream that one day people will create schools and workplaces not centered on control, constriction, and competition, but rather on humanity’s inherent creative, generous, and collaborative nature.

I have a dream that one day people will learn that change doesn’t have to be hard, or take a long time. I dream that we will find transformation exhilarating, and available in every moment.

I have a dream that one day we will see ourselves as inextricably connected to each other and all that is. I dream our shared paradigm will help us see that every choice is significant and has an effect on the world.

I have a dream that together we will create a world that works for everyone.

That’s my dream, and to manifest it, I partner with emotionally intelligent leaders who care deeply about the well-being of their people, and who will invest in creating high-performing, super-engaged, inspired and self-actualizing individual employees and teams.

These leaders are inspirational and respected by their employees. They are results-oriented and have the resources and power to do what it takes to achieve their goals.

Together, we are changing the world—one person, one team, one workplace at a time.

If you are that leader, let’s talk.