“A powerful experience”

Success Stories
Caitlin McConville
Caitlin McConville
Scholarship and Youth Philanthropy Program Associate
Community Foundation of Elmira-Corning and the Finger Lakes

“I’ve spent more time with myself than anyone else on this planet has, so I figured I knew myself pretty well. All it took was forty minutes into my first one-on-one session with Rhonda to realize just how wrong I was. Rhonda urged me to confront my fears and helped me unlock my deep, subconscious thought. She helped expose these honest truths that lived within that I never had the words to describe or the tools to recognize. I learned how this thought had manifested into my physical habits and became a detriment to me socially, professionally, and personally. Bringing this to light, learning how to change it, and going through these stages with a group of like-minded women was a powerful experience that prompted me to make changes I needed at that time in my life.”