“Encouraged me to look deeper”

Sarah Blagg
Sarah E. Blagg
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“I was so excited to take the Women’s Leaders Launchpad program with Rhonda! She’s intuitive and compassionate, and the Launchpad program is reflective of that. Learning about the different creative personality types (Visionary/Driver right here) was fascinating and I felt better able to communicate with people afterwards; people I’d had a hard time ‘figuring out’ before taking Launchpad. I think quickly about my body language and the messages it sends when I am educating young people or speaking in front of a group. The exercises I learned about re-configuring neuropathways to feel more positive or to slowly adjust prior ways of thinking are some that I continue to use almost two years later. I still keep in touch with a few of my “classmates” and it feels like we have a deeper, more supportive connection because we took Launchpad together. These are women I will always feel comfortable with and empowered by. Launchpad encouraged me to look deeper in to what energizes and fulfills me, both professionally and personally.”