“I feel empowered from within”

Lisa Caracci
Executive Director
Steuben County Habitat for Humanity

“I participated in the Women Leaders Launchpad and was truly transformed. The techniques Rhonda taught us changed my leadership as well as my personal life. Her personalized approach to transformative leadership resulted in my ability to tackle tough situations with the exact skills I needed, no matter the situation. The FEBI leadership style analysis empowered me to manage staff in a style that suited them each, individually. I can evaluate others’ leadership style on the fly and meet them right where they are in order to achieve common goals. I learned how to lean in when faced with controversy and manage it appropriately. I learned ways to effectively and efficiently interact with my peers for the betterment of each individual in the group. But, most importantly, I learned a great deal about myself, on a deeply personal level. The resulting increased self-awareness allowed me to make much-needed changes in my personal life. I feel empowered from within. I learned skills that will last a lifetime. I cannot speak highly enough of Rhonda and the gift she has. I can assure you, if you attend her workshops, you will leave transformed.”