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Drive profound growth by giving your employees access to coaching.

When each individual—from executives to support staff—cuts loose whatever is sandbagging them, watch your productivity soar.

Harnessing the power of neuroscience, physiology and psychology, I coach employees who are:

  • Growing into a new and/or stretch role 
  • Overcoming a lack of confidence or self-limiting beliefs
  • Seeking the tools, structure and accountability to live up to their potential 
  • Tackling unproductive habits and/or behaviors
  • Navigating exhaustion, overwhelm, or burnout
  • Preparing to take a big leap into what’s next

I am adept at helping individuals find a path through their most complex issues to change the trajectory of their lives. Change doesn’t have to be hard or scary—often clients have fun, feel energized, and leave more inspired than they thought possible.


Success Stories

“Uncover and conquer habits or mindsets that might be keeping you from reaching your full potential”

“I have greatly enjoyed working with Rhonda Morton as a coach through the Women Entrepreneurs Program at Rev Ithaca. She works with several effective methodologies that help uncover and conquer habits or mindsets that might be keeping you from reaching your full potential. She’s a talented and insightful coach and I would highly recommend her…
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Elisa Miller-Out
Elisa Miller-Out
Founding Partner
Chloe Capital

“Incorporating movement, voice and other modalities to break through barriers”

“Rhonda is so much more than a coach. I thought that we’d be following a more ‘conventional’ path, starting with the FEBI, toward helping me manage my business better. We went much deeper than that in very important ways to root out the challenges I was facing and put me on a better trajectory. I…
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Greg Pitts
Greg Pitts
Partner & Financial Advisor
Natural Investments Certified B Corp

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Why Smart People Don’t Change

Think of something that you know you shouldn’t do, but you just keep doing it. (Agreeing to a project you don’t have time for. Hesitating, over-analyzing and deliberating while another opportunity passes you by. Doing something yourself when you should be delegating). Thanks to more and more research in the field of neuroscience, we are beginning to unravel…
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