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As a woman leader, you feel like you’re bushwhacking through the jungle. Exhilarating! And at times, exhausting.

Join a circle of strong, inspiring women leaders who will help each other thrive.

You change the trajectory of your life and career, and your organization’s effectiveness. Best of all, you form bonds that last a lifetime.

I create immersive/intensive deep dives into self-awareness and transformative leadership for seasoned and emerging leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners who are:

  • Focused on creating value for your company or organization, but sometimes at the expense of your own well-being
  • Passionate about your work, and yet sometimes overwhelmed and exhausted by it
  • Committed to growth, but too often succumbing to self-doubt and feeling like an imposter
  • Ready to make a big leap, but finding yourself stuck for some reason
  • Poised for growth, but needing to finetune your capacity to influence, have difficult conversations, and empower people, so that you get more done through others
  • Clear about the value you offer, but challenged when presenting your ideas to funders, board members, customers and employees
  • Feeling isolated and longing for connection with other women leaders

Since 2010, leaders have been attending two programs I designed: Self Smarts (for women in business) and Women Leaders Launchpad (sponsored by the Community Foundation of Elmira-Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes for women in non-profits). Both of these programs deliver a powerful combination of group workshops, individual coaching, and peer support. You can expect to achieve results like these from past participants:

Launchpad - 2013-2020

Success Stories

“The greatest gift of my professional career”

“Looking to ignite organizational passion in your employees? Look no further than the Women Leaders Launchpad led by Rhonda Morton, whose inspirational prowess will empower your emerging leaders to transform as individuals, resulting in more efficient, driven, productive employees. Rhonda’s engaging persona makes her the guru of perspective transformation. For me, Launchpad has been the…
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Mary Mosteller
Mary Mosteller
Director of Development

“I feel empowered from within”

“I participated in the Women Leaders Launchpad and was truly transformed. The techniques Rhonda taught us changed my leadership as well as my personal life. Her personalized approach to transformative leadership resulted in my ability to tackle tough situations with the exact skills I needed, no matter the situation. The FEBI leadership style analysis empowered…
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Lisa Caracci
Lisa Caracci
Executive Director
Steuben County Habitat for Humanity

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The other night, I was at my studio just messing around. One thing led to another, and I decided to do The Aging Tests. These are physical feats I’ve informally set up as a sort of aging barometer—if I can still do these, I’m not old yet. I started with the easy one. Can I still sit down…
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