Team Building


Super-charge your workplace. Invest in team building.

I will identify your team’s needs and address them at the root for lasting change.

Using quantitative and qualitative diagnostics, the science of transformation, and group psychology, I coach teams to tackle challenges like:

  • Navigating big/ongoing change in the org chart, business model or day-to-day processes
  • Boosting team cohesion and collaboration for moonshot level innovation
  • Solidifying a shared vision, and building support for it
  • Creating or fundamentally reinforcing trust and effective communication
  • Driving to a stretch goal
  • Valuing and leveraging different workstyles to boost productivity
  • Promoting employee resiliency, loyalty and well-being in the face of unprecedented challenges

I start with work-style assessments, interviews of each individual, and team observation. I analyze the quantitative data. I listen to what’s said and what’s not said. And I notice body language, breathing, small unconscious gestures. It all adds up to an incredibly incisive and accurate portrait of your team’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Next, with a focus on getting more work done with less effort, I lead people through a safe look at “what is” and an exhilarating exploration of “what could be.” Finally, I coach you and your team to make the trek between the two.

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Success Stories

“She has really infused a lot of self-confidence in faculty who were burning out, losing focus, and feeling lost”

“I lead an academic center which works with underserved rural and American Indian communities in Montana. When I had done personal coaching with Rhonda, I found her to be extremely approachable, able to drill down to the issues very quickly while holding the big picture in mind, and adept at removing physical and mental stumbling…
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Alexandra Adams, M.D., Ph.D.
Alexandra Adams, M.D., Ph.D.
Director and Principal Investigator
Center for American Indian and Rural Health Equity

“Helped our management team build trust and work better together”

“Rhonda Morton has been a tremendous resource for the Food Bank of the Southern Tier. Several Food Bank employees have gone through her Launchpad program over the years and each has grown both personally and professionally as a result. Rhonda has also helped our management team build trust and work better together through a combination…
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Natasha Thompson
Natasha Thompson
President and CEO
Food Bank of the Southern Tier

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