Vision Pitching

Hand drawn illustration of person with a megaphone.

Maybe you need to inspire a team to manifest your vision. Or convince funders or stakeholders to back your idea.

Maybe you are sharing the features of a product or service. Or want to move individuals to impassioned action on a cause you are championing.


We will start with a script attuned to your audience, inject it with powerful storytelling, then use your voice and body to deliver a compelling and memorable talk.


Next, I will coach you to craft a powerful script intended for the stage, not the page—paying attention to the sound of the words, the cadence of the sentences, and the rhythm of the whole talk. We will weave in storytelling to amp up the power of your ideas, and to drive them deep into your listeners' nervous systems and memory.


Then we will delve into the use of breath, voice, gesture, facial expression, and movement to deliver a powerful talk. We'll also address any deeper psychological/emotional issues that may impede your success.

Success Stories

“Transformed talking on stage from a nerve-wracking necessity to a joyful delight”

“Rhonda Morton has changed the way I think about giving presentations. Her help was absolutely essential to Combplex winning a combined $750k in the GrowNY and 76West pitch competitions. Rhonda coached me with breath work and physical positioning to make sure I felt strong, and that every moment of my presentation was powerful. Her help…
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Hailey Scofield
Hailey Scofield
Ph.D. Candidate at Cornell University
Co-founder and CEO

“An integral factor in the success we have had so far”

“We worked with Rhonda to hone several of our pitches to different audiences—a “go-to-market” pitch, an investor pitch, and a 3.5-minute Demo Day pitch.  She was great in listening to our ideas and guiding us to produce a pitch that harmonized with our delivery style and our message.  Rhonda’s help with our pitching has been…
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Suresh Dhaniyala
Suresh Dhaniyala
Potsdam Sensors

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Power Tools of Presenting

You may think that to be an effective speaker, you need plenty of data to support your ideas, and a slick slide deck with all the bells and whistles. Think again. In 2015, I had the honor of coaching the seven speakers at Corning Incorporated’s UP2 Women’s Conference. Those talks were videotaped and can be viewed by…
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